A Message From Our Chairman


      “As a hiring manager, how many times have you been in an interview and asked yourself how did this candidate make it this far? I have asked that question way too many times, that is why we started Rardin Healthcare. Our stated goal is to hear your hiring managers say, every candidate submitted by Rardin Healthcare is qualified to do this job!
Rardin Healthcare has a very different and disruptive business model. We are delivering Retainer Based Healthcare IT Staffing and Recruiting Services at Contingency Staffing Rates and Terms.
The very core of our business strategy is to provide both current and sustainable differentiation and deliver measurable value-added services to our healthcare clients. Our motto is “Quality Versus Speed – You Must Slow Down to Speed Up”. By focusing on quality versus volume or speed, we believe we can reduce your Cost Per Hire by 50% or more.

There are hundreds of IT recruiting firms in North America and the majority of these firms are nothing more than resume hunters. They find resumes that seem to meet the requirements, re-brand them with their company logo and send them to their clients who then must invest their time and resources in qualifying and vetting these candidates.
Rardin Healthcare is also one of the few firms in North America that provides both Healthcare IT staffing and full-time employee (FTE) direct placement searches. Most staffing and recruiting organizations don’t recruit full-time direct placement employees because it requires much more work and investment. The principals of Rardin Healthcare have directly hired or recruited thousands of FTE’s during their careers.
If you are looking for a partner that is willing to invest on the front end of the search process and do the heavy lifting, then please contact us.

We look forward to partnering with you in the future.

            -Ken Rardin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rardin Healthcare Solutions