Live Currency Strength Meter

With an increase in currency strength, Buyers will have the option of purchasing larger quantities for the same nominal amount. Or purchasing the same quantity for a lesser nominal amount. In this way, forex broker listing exporters will see their nominal income increase in real terms. Although an economy’s policy influences currency strength, its effectiveness is also determined by the strength of the nation’s currency.

The rapid rise in currency rates makes them useful as a quick indication of currency strength. In addition, as a measure of current strength, making them useful for immediate trading decisions or confirm signals from other indicators. Here is a screenshot of one of the 8 currencies in our currency strength meter, The Forex Heatmap®. The meter shown is for the main trading session, we also have one for the Asian trading session for each currency. Clearly, the AUD has consistent weakness across all 7 pairs on the meter. This meter also specified the EUR/AUD  as one of the the primary pairs to trade, since there was slight EUR strength also in the market.

Since then he has greatly refined his strategy, and used his extensive experience to create a standalone Windows PC application called Accustrength. Before you start trading currencies, you should consider using the educational resources we offer like CAPEX Academy or a demo trading account. The simplest currency strength meter, however, does not require any complicated algorithms and formulae.

Advantages of Currency Strength Indicator

A Forex currency strength indicator will alert you of such exposure because it gives you a simple graphic presentation of highly correlated currencies. You can, therefore, avoid trading these currencies and protect yourself from the risk of getting double-exposed to weak currencies. This accurate, live, high precision currency strength meter will provide traders with better trade entries. Traders will likely increase their trading accuracy and pip totals.

In practise you’ll find time-frames lower than the 4-Hourly (H4) time-frame a bit noisy just because price moves over shorter time-intervals can be erratic. Despite their benefits, a poorly coded currency strength meter can generate a number of issues. CSMapp is an advanced currency meter showing Forex currency strength and Cryptocurrency strength. The result of currency strength is shown as a bar chart or a line chart which helps you easily see how one currency strength stands against other currencies. Currency strength indicator also known as CSM is an indicator that tells you what is the strength of one currency against all other currencies. CSMapp currency strength indicator is an online version of the currency strength indicator which is accessible over web browsers.

With our free pip calculator you can calculate the pip value in the currency you want to trade in and manage your risk before entering a trade. The way recommended by the professionals is to use a forex strength meter as an additional confirmation. Currency strength data is displayed numerically or graphically on a bar or line chart. We’ve listed our “Top-4” favourite Currency Strength Meter’s on this website. You’ll find in-depth reviews of these products on this website, along with a detailed comparison chart. The purpose of this website is to help Forex traders find the best Currency Strength Meter for their needs.

But if you combine this with your current trading plan and triggers it will save you so many losses. But you have to pay five dollars every 30 days to look at the lower time frames. Which I think it’s more than fair to charge a solid, yearly fee or different option to pay for a year without having to do it every 30 days. Whenever I need to see the lower time frames it’s out of an emergency and it’s rare. It would be nice just to pay one lump sum for a year, and not have to rush to pay and lose a few seconds.

What is a Currency Strength Meter?

A currency strength meter is a live, real time tool that tells the end user trader what currencies are strong, weak, or neutral in real time. So if the USD is strong or the JPY is weak, for example, the meter will show accurate, live readings reflecting this. The readings must be accurate and point the trader to a specific pair for possible or probable trade entry. The currency strength meter indicator help you make informed decisions when trading foreign exchange and keep track of which pairs are trending upwards or downwards. Using this valuable tool, traders can increase their chance of making profitable trades Gold Strategies on the market while minimizing risk. Our free currency strength meter helps you identify which currencies are strong and which currencies are weak.

A Powerful Trading Tool for the Forex Trader

Accustrength supports 8 different time-frames, ranging from 1-Hourly (H1) to 2-Daily (D2). The “Time-Frame” refers to the measurement interval for the currency strength calculation. So a H1 time-frame will measure currency strength over the previous 60 minutes.

As you look to increase your profit potentials, there are a couple of tools you can leverage to help you achieve your aim. One of such tools is the Accurate Currency Strength Meter. However, the meter indicator works differently from the regular technical indicators you already know. It’s a quick way for Forex traders to see whether market conditions positively or negatively affect their positions.


Traders can easily avoid needless hedging if they know in advance about the correlation between various pairs of currencies. Consider, for example, the currency pairs USD/CHF and EUR/USD have a beautiful native apps in record time negative correlation. So if you long trade both these pairs, you will lose one of the trades although you will win another. In this way, currency strength meters save you from needless hedging.

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This guide summarises what currency strength is and how you can use it in your Forex trading. For example if EUR will have an increase in interest rates which usually means the price of Euro will rise then you can check the currency strength meter. In this case you would check the heatmap meter to see what pair was best to buy or sell, along with the trends and time frames. For example, if the NZD/USD is trending up with no resistance nearby, that would be an excellent choice for a buy. Since combining the strength meter with other indicators will not only improve your earnings, but it will also enhance your trading strategies.

Currency Strength Meter FAQs

The Currency Strength Meter Indicator has the ability to help traders avoid needless hedging and double exposure. Currency strength can be different on different time frames. Currency strength meter in the Forex or Crypto market has real-time market data where you can see how one currency stands against another currency.

It is best used to either confirm or complement the information other indicators and trading tools are trying to give you. CSMapp is a free currency strength meter you can use in trading currencies. It is an online free version of strength meter where you have 8 major currencies strengths. Advanced currency strength meter allow you to check the currency strength as a bar chart or line chart. Bar chart is an easy visualization of currency strength where line chart is advanced visualization.

The currency strength meter plays an important role right here. To select the right currency pairs to trade, you need to identify the strongest or weak currencies. The Forex Heatmap® forex heatmap is an example of a real time currency strength meter with second by second updates. It is a server/web based meter so the end user trader does not have to have any programming skills at all to use it. The heatmap displays on a web page or any browser, tablet, or mobile phone. This currency strength meter is not an app, it is web based, but works fine on Android and IOS mobile operating systems, like an IPhone or Ipad.

However, economic announcements can also cause them to occur. You should always trade the strongest currency against the weakest currency to achieve optimal results. Accustrength is one of the most easymarkets reviews on the market.