Service Examples


Case Study – Large Epic FTE Direct Placement Recruiting Project

  • Recruited 70+ FTEs and received 30 offer letters within 1st 60 days.
  • FTE positions recruited included IT Directors, Project Managers, Ambulatory and Inpatient Application Analysts, DBAs, Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, BI Reporting Analysts, and others.
  • We developed an Epic Skills & Product Assessment Matrix which was completed by the candidate.
  • We developed a position specific Technical Application and Self-Assessment Form that was completed by the candidate.
  • We developed an Epic Technical Screening and Candidate Assessment Form which was completed by a Rardin Healthcare Sr. Epic SME during a 45-60 minute candidate interview.
  • Managed the onboarding process for all new FTE’s.
  • Over 90% of the FTE placements had Epic Certifications.

Case Study – Major EMR Upgrade

  • Provided Project Management and EMR Clinical Informatics Consultants to plan for a major EMR Ambulatory Project for 100+ Clinics.
  • Proposed and won the EMR Go-Live Support Project that required 70+ contractors.
  • Developed Specific EMR Go Live Questionnaire to help qualify and screen consultants.
  • Developed a Technical Screening and Vetting Form used by Sr. SMEs to qualify and rate candidates specific technical and clinical knowledge.
  • Recruited, project managed and scheduled 70+ contractors for a 100+ clinic Ambulatory Go-Live. This included the development of demographic mapping tools to assist in the complex scheduling process.
  • Developed and delivered EMR training to over 100 Client, Vendor and Company employees.

Case Study – EMR System Replacement

  • The Problem: A large southeast (US) based health system was two weeks into its go-live converting from one EMR system to another when the CIO determined that their legacy consulting organization didn’t have the required EMR product specific experience to successfully implement their new EMR system. They needed to find another partner that could quickly ramp-up resources to support this new EMR implementation.
  • The Solution: We quickly assembled a team of recruiters, managers and a senior partner to determine the specific requirements and successfully delivered the following results:
  • We had an experienced project manager onsite within 3 days.
  • We established the specific requirements and skill sets which included product specific experience and a majority of the resources with clinical backgrounds.
  • Within 3 weeks we hired and on-boarded a staff of 25-30 contractors that met all of the client requirements and took over 95% of the project including the detailed 24×7 weekly scheduling of resources.

Case Study – Multi-Hospital Group

  • Preferred partner for all EMR contract services.
  • Provided CPOE and Physician Documentation build for 6 different hospitals.
  • “These are some of the highest quality and most productive CPOE and Physician Documentation resources I have ever worked with.” – Director of IT
  • Supplied over 20 highly experienced EMR resources for a large hospital Go-Live which included physician and nursing elbow-to-elbow support, CPOE and Physician documentation build services
  • “They have the best resources, the best project management and the best operations of any firm we have ever worked with.” – VP, Hospital IT Management & Strategy

Case Study – Planned and Implemented a Global Delivery Model that included 100+ Healthcare IT personnel in Pune India

  • Hired a seasoned Managing Director in India.
  • Acquired new facilities in Pune, India for 100+ R&D and technical support personnel.
  • Established detailed vetting process and tools and established a team of Subject Matter Experts to complete final technical vetting and ratings.
  • Completed knowledge transfer within 90 days.
  • Developed all Project Management processes including requirements analysis, change control and Agile development methodology.
  • We were fully operational within 90 days.